Housing/Financial Education



New Beginnings offers a one day workshop on the fundamentals of how money works. In this workshop, we teach how to create a budget that matches your goals, and offer tips on monitoring your budget so that hard-earned cash doesn't slip away. The materials are simple and to the point, and there is one-on-one assistance with the instructor to construct the budget. One-on-one sessions and support are available after the workshop. This workshop is for residents of New Beginnings transitional and rental housing, those seeking rental assistance, referrals from other organizations, and any interested person.


New Beginnings offers an evening workshop on the Kansas Landlord Tenant Act. It informs about how a landlord can conduct his rental business and his relationship to the tenant, as well as what it takes to be a responsible tenant. This class, more than any other, can resolve conflict before it ever starts. The workshop is available to New Beginnings tenants and residents and any other interested organization, group or individual.