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Meadowlark Commons

Our transitional housing at Meadowlark Commons is designed to help people transition into permanent housing with the skills necessary to maintain it, and to envision and reach for a life they have only dreamed about. We couple transitional housing with our programs to help people become self-sufficient and less dependent on subsidies. 

Meadowlark Commons provides 16 units of transitional apartment living. These apartments are designed to be a stair-step for lower income households who are currently threatened by loss of their homes. They are fully furnished and offer quiet elegance, privacy and community.

Additional facilities include a commercial kitchen used as part of our on-site job training, congregate dining area, community activity room that offers an area for music, movie watching, exercise equipment, small child's play area and game computers for the older children. It also offers a computer lab with adult learning software that can tie into the local community college for testing and enrollment in courses. There are laundry facilities and a patio area that surrounds the outdoors play area.

The community room is where workshops provided by volunteers present what they know best to those eager to learn it. Workshops include financial management presentations by several local bank employees, how to locate a job by a  local human resource professional association, how to look for a home to fit your needs and resources, the importance of voting, and strengthening families.

Main Features:
  • 16 units some single some family
  • Person or family can stay for 6 to 24 months
  • Life Coaching helps to access needed resources
  • Substance abuse treatment available on site
  • First two months free then a program fee of $100 per room
  • Average stay is six months