Success Stories

 “I couldn’t believe I was so far down. I’m supposed to provide food, water and shelter for my child and I couldn’t.”  

Amanda contacted New Beginnings for help and said, “The sense of relief was overwhelming. I went from being in tears to having a room. After a week in the motel, I went into New Beginnings Transitional Housing program at Meadowlark Commons. I’ve never seen a place like this. They work so fast to help people. New Beginnings is Heaven.” ~ Amanda Vega

“I was so depressed, I felt I didn’t deserve help.  I was collecting cans to get money for food; people would drive by and toss trash at me.  That was my lowest point.  I had a gun to my head and came close to killing myself.”

Jeff lost everything when he had a stroke. He was in a coma for 6 months and doctors said he would never walk again. “New Beginnings was a whole new start for me. They made me feel I mattered, that I could contribute.”  Today, Jeff has a good job as a manager at a local company and has a wonderful home.  “Look what I have now. And it’s all because of New Beginnings.”
The Williams family, with two adults and four children, are the proud new tenants of one of the homes renovated  by New Beginnings through the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP). Matthew, the head of household,  is disabled with extreme gout and rheumatic arthritis, making it very difficult to work. Angela works two jobs to support the family. This has limited their income and ability to live in a quality home in a nice neighborhood.  

The opportunity to live in the NSP home is the answer to their dreams.  They now have a home their kids can be proud to bring friends to, a beautiful yard to care for,  and a safe neighborhood where the children can play outside. The Williams are looking forward to the opportunity to give back by assisting people in the community with the resources from the Support Network Training.