Life Coaching

On the Road Life Coaching Program


A positive approach provides a practical structure for daily living. The On The Road To Where You Want To Be process allows a person to determine the physical resources necessary to rebuild their life, make a plan and set that plan into motion. This portion of the On the Road series is called The Road to Stabilization. The goal is to help the individual or family to stabilize the crisis that contributed to becoming homeless. A crisis, as defined by Webster's Dictionary, is "the turning point, for better or worse, in an acute disease or situation". At this critical time, support and help can give people a window of opportunity to facilitate a life change. 

However, we must note that crisis can, and often does, create trauma. On The Road includes a classic traumatic event approach. We become attendants in a life crisis ER. If the acute situation is not immediately attended to, it often becomes chronic and unaided coping skills developed during crisis become generational. The On The Road process focuses all attention on the immediate critical needs, the resources needed to alleviate the crisis and the resources needed for any long-term support.


The basic needs have been met. The trauma that clouded decision-making is healing. There is time to reflect, plan, and move on. Standing in this median spot, it is possible to see in all directions; the past, the present, and options for the future. Working together through The Road to Stability, the Life Coach and the resident have built a foundation of trust, support, and collective problem solving; all the elements necessary for tackling the daunting task of rebuilding a life.

The Road to Your Goals will only be successful if the person can focus all their intention on the mission at hand. Time and energy will reward them for a long time to come. The intense focus on a plan of their own design will take fierce determination and a great deal of courage. It is not easy. However, The Road to Your Goals will draw on the person's strengths and their skills so they can meet the challenge. It will direct their best efforts in a way that teaches how to continue to create the life they want. It will utilize their heart's desire to motivate this work. The often silent dreams and hopes are not only acknowledged, they are encouraged and nurtured. The Road to Your Goals becomes a spiral of dreaming, planning, and action.


This is preparation for a transition. If a person has been living in transitional housing and wishes to move to permanent housing (either affordable or market rate), this step provides support. Transitions always involve change and can be somewhat destabilizing. New Beginnings offers a Housing Specialist who has developed relationships with various housing providers and has listings according to need. The Housing Specialist can help a person or family find the right housing and the right neighborhood. The resources of neighborhood are enhanced by the relationships of others who have utilized the On The Road to Where You Want to Be programs brought together through an ongoing support network that includes those who are trained as peer coaches. Peer Coaches in neighborhoods are skilled in problem solving techniques and can be great support when needed. Each Peer Coach has been down the same road and so, has life experiences to draw upon.