New Beginnings Transitional Housing & Jobs

To provide time limited, wage paying jobs that combine real work, skill development, and supportive services to transition participants rapidly and successfully in the labor market.  And provide temporary housing to support those who have lost their homes and need time to address their barriers to employment.

In 2007 we began experimenting with a program called Transitional Jobs.  New Beginnings’ staff visited existing programs and became a member of the National Transitional Jobs Network.  That same year we began our own Transitional Jobs program that provides workers necessitated by our housing; workers for custodial and upkeep, landscaping, maintenance, reception, and commercial kitchen assistant.

This program provides two objectives:
  1. qualified workers for the advancement and maintenance of our affordable housing units.
  2. a means to stabilize households so that they can maintain the household and the housing long term with little subsidization.
For further information call Jim at 620-960-4515